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Political consulting
    Informative consultations which consist of awareness of issues that are crucial and critical for political career, provision of reference materials on problems or issues arising in the course of political activities.

Coordination of politician’s activity in public relations
  • Development of a schedule, arrangement and assistance in holding of meetings with voters, leaders of public opinion, other organizations;
  • individual support of the politician at meetings and events as a political consultant;
  • analysis ofthe meetings’ results;
  • organization and coordination of the deputy’s public reception office;
  • control and analysis of the citizens' appeals.

Sociological research and focus-groups
    Key fields of use:
  • gathering information on the rating of candidate’srecognition in the electoral precinct;
  • identifying local issues;
  • analyzing the political moods and preferences of the voters;
  • finding out the ratings of the opponents.

Execution of the political projects
  • Development and implementation of social projects to form a positive image of the politician;
  • organization of meetings with work-groups of the project;
  • arrangement and analysis of information on the results of meetings with work-groups of the project;
  • coordination of the project at all stages.

Image cultivation of the politician
  • Cultivation and support of positive image of the politician;
  • advice on style, business etiquette and protocol.

Coaching for public speaking
    Public Speech is an indicator of the level of leadership qualities. Private training on oratorical skills and public speaking will help to develop an effective plan for the speech. The key elements are:
    • definition of the specific goal of the speech, which is adequate to the composition and interests of the audience and corresponds to the situation;
    • collection, analysis and evaluation of the material used in the speech;
    • presentation of the material for the specific audience;
    • rehearsal of the speech.

    Psychological maintenance

    Website and introduction page development
    • Promo-site, landing page, private projects;
    • unique design, customization for mobile devices, possibility of self-administration;
    • web-site development on popular cms-systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and others;
    • development of unique cms-system to manage website for specific goals.

    Development, implementation and support of CRM-systems
    • Development of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for unique and typical goals;
    • division into branches;
    • internal communication;
    • internal file server;
    • data protection and encoding.