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From 2011 till now political consultant, have participated in 6 political campaigns of different levels (parliament elections, elections of deputies of local council, city elections of mayor), coordinator for public relations and social projects.

Practicing political consultant.

Member of the EAPC.

Attending international congresses of political consultants on a regular basis.

In 2017 have performed as a speaker on the International congress of the Association of political consultants in Kyiv.

Participated in the International congresses of political consultants in Brussels, Istanbul and Kyiv in 2015-2017.

In 2018 became a member of the jury of the international competition in the sphere of political consulting "Polaris Awards".


Are you at the start of political career and plan to take part in the upcoming elections? You should think about your image, recognition and communication with future voters today. I will help you with promotion of your personal brand.

If you hold an electoral office and aim to raise the recognition level, be as involved as possible in the problems and issues of the region then I am ready to help you to build a dialogue with voters.

Do you plan to launch a social project to form a positive image or do you already work on it? I will help you with the implementation, development and coordination processes.